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Friends of Vision Foundation

Friends of Vision is a nonprofit charitable organization founded by Dr. Michael Colvard in 1989. The Foundation’s name was chosen to convey two meanings and objectives. It is an organization dedicated to restoring sight to the world’s most needy, and it is a group of individuals who share a common vision of a more compassionate and caring world. In addition to working to eliminate blindness in underdeveloped countries, the Foundation provides food, clothing and education to orphaned, disabled and underprivileged children around the globe.

During his most recent visit to Oshakati, Namibia, Dr. Colvard and his colleagues performed sight-restoring surgeries for over 300 blind patients over a period of just two weeks. Many of these desperately poor patients had been blind and house bound for more than a decade. The mission was funded by our physicians with logistical support from the Ministry of Health in Namibia. All surgical supplies needed for the mission were made available through the kind donations of several major ophthalmic corporations.

In addition, thanks to the generous support of Friends of Vision Foundation by our many friends and patients, Dr. Colvard was able to distribute hundreds of new textbooks and other educational supplies to students at the Ondeihaluka School in Oshakati. This school provides an education opportunity for over 1000 orphans and other poor and vulnerable children in the region. The books, primarily basic English readers and math textbooks, were selected by the school’s principal, Mr. Kamati. This kind and dedicated man works tirelessly to help the disadvantaged children in his region of Namibia. There are no orphanages in this area, and Mr. Kamati struggles, not only to educate the orphans and abandoned children, but to find dependable sources of food for them, as well. Mr. Kamati’s dream is to create a small self-sustaining farm and chicken nursery on the school grounds that will allow him to provide the children with two nutritious meals daily.

With these photos from our recent trip, we have tried to give a sense of the region and the facilities in which we work, as well as the challenges and the joys of our efforts. Our primary goals over the coming year are to carry on with our medical missions, to continue our educational assistance to disadvantaged children around the globe and to help Mr. Kamati to realize his dream of providing a sustainable food source for orphans and other desperately poor children in Oshakati.

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